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New Year, New Blog


Well, I was traveling on vacation and didn't create any resolutions. That's OK.
There's one commitment I did with myself: I'll take that blog, remove the dust, and then keep it going for the whole year! I'll trust the process.

I made this commitment about 15 days ago when I was back from vacation, and since that, I'm setting up this blog (easy with Ghost Pro BTW) and writing the base pages.
It is not done yet. I'm running slow.

This first post is your invitation: do you wanna blog?


Then, forget about thinking and start doing. Of course, you need a bit planning and money, but pay it first, then start writing and let's get started with the commitment to learn something, post a useful article and laugh about it later if that is the case.


Two men holding beer bottles cheers at sunset in silhouette
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Lincoln Pires

Lincoln Pires

Hey there, I'm Lincoln, a very hobbyist guy. Things I like to do include: code, to rock 'n' roll, running half-marathons and trails, craft beer, video-games, Sci-fi, and a lot of other stuff.

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