Don't wanna hear about it. Every single one's got a story to tell ...

Well, this site is no different.

Hi, I'm Lincoln Pires, the developer writer behind this site.

Lincoln smiling

I bought this domain (The Cloudeveloper) in 2015 to start a blog, but I never wrote anything because of my lack of experience in writing or blogging, and I didn't know where or how to start. Guess what? I'm still learning, and I'm still inexperienced.

You should be thinking now: so, what changed?

Simple: I decided to not give a shit about what to write, or how or even if people will laugh at me. This way I can focus on the learning and improve as feedback come.

Trust the process.

So, what topics will you cover?

I know that the title suggests Cloud Computing (which is a vast subject), but hey, we are in the Cloud era. Soon or later we'll all be Cloud Developers and Cloud Architects or whatever.
The real question is what am I learning?

Serverless, Platform as a Service, DevOps, LoB Apps, maybe Docker are some of the things you might find here, but hey, it's when I want to talk about it. Oh, main platforms I use in everyday life are Microsoft Azure, and Digital Ocean among a few others services for specific stuff.
But you'll probably see content about Web Development in general and why not some research that answers a question or comment?

By the way, please, feel free to send me emails or comment what would you like me to share or even if you have a question. Learning is way better when you share interests with the community.

Copy notice

You can share whatever you want. I'll only ask you to provide attribution.

Textual content: licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International.
Code: licensed under MIT License.

That's it, let's begin writing some stories.

If you need to contact me, find me on Twitter @LincolnPiress or email me@lincolnpires.com

If you want to know more about me, visit my website lincolnpires.com.